Organizing your quotes through tags can help stakeholders see how users think

A woman pointing at something and talking, while a long black microphone is positioned for her to speak into. A blurred woman is in the foreground holding the microphone, suggesting she’s the interviewer.

I realized the power of tagging when a quote six months ago helped inform our design decisions. We had gone through the laborious process of tagging our user testing and interview notes back then, and I thought it was a waste of time. But an issue arose later on about…

What to consider if you want to change your design prototype mid-test

A woman using a phone and two people sitting next to her and taking notes. The person in back seems to be the facilitator, while the person in front seems to be taking notes with a pen.

It is always painful when you realize a design error during user testing. When building a large-scale prototype, we had a small oversight: two buttons were labeled the same but did different things. The previous design had been a modal window, so you’d click the “Add Hospital” button, which would…

The benefits to collecting metrics while user testing, even with a few users

A hand holding a bunched up tape measure together. The 14 Foot marker is visible in the foreground, with several bunches of previous measurements behind it.

Our team almost had to consider throwing out a portion of our quantitative user test because some of our users canceled on us.

We needed to look at Time-on-Task to answer one of our research questions. This meant we needed to have enough users to provide statistically significant comparisons.


Or: How to best use your time if your project isn’t being funded

4 photographs that are stuck in photo frames that capture the sunset and different memories. Hand written notes and annotations about the process are along the frame outside of the picture.

Right now is when many UX practitioners, especially those in academia or government, are feeling lost.

The next fiscal year is around the corner, and sometimes that comes with the news that your project won’t be funded for the following year.

Sometimes it’s sudden; sometimes, you have weeks to process…

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