The problems that arise from most people not understanding statistics

A person gesturing with his hands sitting as part of a conference table. A macbook is on the table as well as a paper notebook open and a phone. Other laptops and things are on the table, and other people at the table are listening to the person gesturing.
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How to signal that there’s more to the data than you can show

The same graph as before regarding the SUS question averages across all participants. However, there’s now an additional column that says “Team Decisions needed” between the question label (Q1, Q2, etc.) and the bars. There are two red dots there, suggesting that Q4 and Q10 require some sort of team decision. This suggests further exploration (or explanation) of the data is needed.
The little red dot in action

When is it worth spending time and effort on a complex visualization?

A businessman holding a tablet pen to a tablet and clicking on analytics like bar and line charts.
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The alternative to bar charts that works well with complex data

A spoon filled with dots on in the foreground with a pink background
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How to visualize your observations during testing for easy summary, tracking, and prioritization

A pair of hands holding a drone controller. The top screen shows a number of tracking details, wireless connectivity, and other metrics. The bottom shows a video feed of what’s happening in real-time with additional feedback and metrics.
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Understanding the difference between 3 types of notetakers

A paper template with post-it notes stuck to it. There are also colored markers and a box of Post-its right next to it, along with other sheets of paper.

A framework to help decipher what UX metrics matter.

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How to filter out quantitative metrics that don’t matter

A laptop showing 6 different screens of different visualizations regarding different data. This includes bar charts, pie charts, dashboards, and other visualizations that serve as representations of data.
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The intensive and creative way to practice with color palettes.

A map of the US at night from space. The east side is filled with lights while the west side is less lit up with the exception of the West coast.
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Understanding the difference between expert and user interviews

Two people are sitting at a conference table, a man and a woman. Both are dressed formally, with the man wearing a suit and tie and the woman in formal dress. The woman has a laptop in front of her while the man has a notepad.
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