Feeling unproductive in the afternoon? Take a nap

The productivity benefits of afternoon napping

Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash

Productivity Killers

So why are your afternoons so unproductive?

Augment your sleep with naps

It’s one of the most common pieces of advice out there. The average American sleeps about 6–7 hours when we need between 7–9 hours.

  • If you’re trying to make up sleep debt (i.e. you didn’t sleep enough last night) or want to better regulate your emotions, a 60 to 90-minute nap can offer a complete refresh.
  • If you want a balance of both, 45-minute naps (per NASA) can offer additional benefits

Binaural beats: my secret napping weapon

So naps offer several benefits, but one of the questions that come with this is how exactly you’re supposed to do this.

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