How to achieve your goals in the harshest conditions

What Norway’s greatest explorer can teach you about goal setting

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Photo by Micha Sager on Unsplash

Discovering the South Pole

Roald Amundsen was a 20th-century explorer who is best known for discovering the South Pole. In the age of romantic exploration, he was a man of careful disposition, with his expeditions were more like military operations than journeys.

““I may say that this is the greatest factor: the way in which the expedition is equipped, the way in which every difficulty is foreseen, and precautions taken for meeting or avoiding it.

Victory awaits him who has everything in order, luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time, this is called bad luck.”

Despite the uncertainty and the fact that he might be one-upped yet again, Roald stuck to his plan and accomplished his goal. And his secret? He focused only on what he could do.

Output vs Outcome

2020 has no doubt been a bad year for New Year’s Resolutions.

Is it time to look over your goals?

I’m pretty sure that your goals were disrupted by the never-ending rollercoaster that is 2020.

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