How to be productive if you’re struggling with working remotely

4 tips to help make work easier

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Set your core hours

This is something that many of you might be aware of if you have ever headed to work early, but there tend to be core business hours (such as 8 am — 5 pm).

Dedicated workspace

The other thing that you should do is separate your work from leisure. I know that you’ve probably heard this many ways before, such as never working in bed or on the couch, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.

Informal group chat rooms

One of the largest deterrents towards Working from Home, before all this happened, was that being remote led to feelings of loneliness.

Have a ritual for ending your day

Lastly, you should try and replicate what you normally did when the workday is finished: have a way to separate your workday from the rest of your day.

Improving your productivity

While working from home has its challenges, especially if you’re not naturally productive at home, some things are in your power to make your days more productive and less stressful.

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