How to care about big picture issues and still be productive

Put your mask on first

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It bothers you to see an unequal society, injustices, and straight-up tragedies in the world because you’re a good person. I get it.

But carrying the weight of a pandemic, geopolitics, race relations, and the fight against the entire system squarely on your shoulders will keep you in a loop of anxiety and kill your productivity.

I can’t begin to answer the solution to all of these large-scale problems, but I can speak about the productivity piece a little bit.

Why you need to put on your mask first

Have you ever wondered why they instruct you to do this? The answer is simple: unless we take care of ourselves in moments we have to act, we may pass out and be unable to help ourselves or anyone else.

How to put your mask on first

Let’s say that you just read a news piece on how people aren’t trusting public official’s comments about wearing masks, given their previous statements.

Negative emotion overload

Right now, there’s a lot of negative news out there, more than usual. And for many people, the simplest solution is to stick their heads in the sand and ignore everything bad that might come their way. But maybe that’s not an option for you. Maybe you care, and you want to make a difference.

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