How to keep coming back to your creative projects

Know how and when to quit working

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Cliffhangers: a great method for working.

Why do most TV shows end their seasons on a cliffhanger?

The last creative mile

When we’re growing tired of working, we often search for a good stopping place. The end of a chapter, the page, or tackling one last small problem.

  1. If there isn’t, stop before you reach the end of your idea.

Establish context through a picture preview

In Learning how to learn, they talk about two parts needed to form a ‘chunk’, which is how the brain weaves together bits of information through meaning. To have a meaningful chunk, you need two things:

  • and the context, which is how the chunk fits into the big picture
  • How does Chapter 2 relate to Chapter 3?
  • Why did they use those section headers?

What if the next part doesn’t exist?

Stop before you get to the end of the idea in your head (assuming there’s no looming deadline!)

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