The future of medicine is almost here

And it’s partially thanks to your Netflix habit

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

The history of telemedicine
  1. Limited consultations between medical professionals with patient consent.
  2. Transmitting medical information from one medical provider to another (again, with patient consent)

Current limitations with telemedicine

Just like many other issues with healthcare, telemedicine has a wicked problem. At its core, it wants to be an alternative method for seeing a patient and giving a diagnosis or second opinion.

The pursuit of high-quality visuals

Two of the most impactful technologies for telemedicine purposes have been high-quality imaging and high-speed wireless internet. Up until now, the element that has been missing from telemedicine has been the ability for both the doctor and the telemedicine expert to look at the patient at the same time.

Big tech and healthcare

The next big tech battleground may be healthcare.

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