The most important user you forget about when designing personas

The importance of designing for your stakeholders

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Success and failure with personas

The purpose of personas for designers is clear: it’s a tool designed to understand who the user is, based on research, that is supposed to guide them in making design decisions in the future.

The power of realism in personas

It sounds strange, to think about realism. But realism is something that people often forget about when thinking about creating design artifacts like personas.

The importance of common ground and simple language

A persona, like many other design artifacts, should be thought of as an anchor point. It is a shared document created by talking with stakeholders, users, and then brainstorming to create a realistic and relevant user.

The importance of key takeaways

Part of understanding how your organization would view this is showing easily understood key takeaways that people can use to take away from this.

Questions to ask when designing personas

So here are some questions you might want to ask when thinking about your stakeholders:

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