The unexpected hot trend of the season? Planting victory gardens

How a 100-year-old hobby is catching on

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

The origin of victory gardens

“Victory Gardens” are a phenomenon that sprung up during the World Wars. During those times, food rationing was part of those efforts, which motivated Americans to grow their fruits and vegetables at the time.

Supply chain disruption

Where do you get your food from?


Certain at-risk populations, such as older adults, have been stuck at home for several months: when a trip to anywhere involves risk, some people would rather avoid it.

Time to kill

According to Pam Bennett, Ohio state master gardener volunteer program director, “The №1 reason in my mind is, everybody is at home right now. What can we do?”

The “New Normal”

While it does seem like for many people, things are starting to head back towards normal, we don’t know for sure: this may just be the ultimate gaslighting that everyone wants to pretend is normal.

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