This is how the most prolific digital artist creates masterpieces

And lessons in productivity you can learn from him

The art of “sucking less”

Some people are self-deprecating about their creation. And then there’s Beeple.

Art is like taking a dump, it’s not always fun or convenient but it’s something you gotta do everyday and you shouldn’t get to hung up if the product looks like pile of crap.

You can tell he doesn’t think much about trying to make magnificent works of art every day.

Part of a whole

There’s a famous parable about Pablo Picasso and a napkin which applies here.

The power of scale

What if I told you that today, your creative work would be a bust? Maybe the ideas didn’t come together, maybe you were distracted, or maybe you just didn’t have enough time?

It’s a numbers game: you’ve got to get rid of all those crappy ideas before you can get to the good ones.”

How garbage effort can help you

Imagine a scenario where no matter what, you could achieve whatever goal you set out to achieve.

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