To triumph in the remote work age, you need to learn business writing

How a blog post transformed my writing

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You (probably) haven’t been taught business writing

Unless you’ve done an MBA, you’ve probably never learned how to do business writing.

“As it turns out, business writing is all about getting to the point and leaving out all of the noise. You think you already do that in your writing, but you probably don’t.” -Scott Adams

What’s the difference? Time and scope.

Business writing for remote work

One of your main objections to this might be that you’re not in a position to need business writing.

Scott Adam’s crash course on business writing

Scott Adam’s sums up his business writing tips like these:

  • Get rid of extra words by imagining they cost you $100
  • Your first sentence needs to grab the reader’s curiosity
  • Write to evoke a feeling.
  • Use short sentences
  • Avoid putting multiple thoughts in sentences.
  • Use 6th-grade vocabulary
  • Be like your reader in important ways by speaking like they do and using their thinking.
  • Learn how brains organize ideas: it’s easier to imagine a boy (object) hitting a ball (action/subject) than a ball hit by a boy.
Grammarly tone detector

Writing requires refinement

Business writing is not something that you learn overnight: it’s something that many people learn over their career.

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