What is your design philosophy?

And other creative lessons from Adam Savage

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Your design philosophy, when nobody’s watching

You might be saying to yourself right now, well that’s a different field.

My design philosophy: Simple and reusable artifacts

This is still something a little new to me, but thinking about my past experiences made this pretty obvious.

  • Learning more about data visualization and how to implement it successfully
  • Practicing infographics and iconography
  • Creating lasting design artifacts (Personas, Journey Maps, Storyboards)

Some design philosophy templates

Knowing your design philosophy not only helps to influence your work, but what you might want to learn and how you approach your problems.

  • Jump into playing with design tools with a rough idea of what to build
  • Fail quickly and efficiently. Iterate multiple times while playing with tools to get a deeper understanding of how to use something
  • Have all of your tools visible and easily reachable. Perhaps a messy desktop with links to all of your tools and files or messy browser with lots of bookmarks.
  • Design can often show parts of his personality
  • Drawers (or folders) are for hiding things, like tools that aren’t quite good or duplicates.
  • Think about the process meticulously before even touching a design tool.
  • Having a design toolbox that is organized by categories. Storing Research and Design separately, along with specific locations for testing and implementation software. Organized folders or specific bookmarks on a somewhat minimalist desktop.
  • Creation of design artifacts (Storyboards, Personas, etc.) as an integral part of design process
  • Hard work is hidden until necessary for alternatives to be discussed

Top writer in UX Design. UX, Data Visualization and Data Science. Author of Data Persuasion: https://tinyurl.com/rndb9bw. Substack: dataanddesign.substack.com

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