Why you should tl;dr your meetings

tl;dr is an ugly phrase for many. It’s an internet shorthand which stands for “Too long; didn’t read.” Writing it to others immediately gives the impression that you are lazy or ignorant, or at the very least that you are dismissing whatever point they’re making.

But it’s also a great practice to use for yourself. It will force you to think on a macro scale and prepare main talking points for stakeholders.

It forces you to review

It forces you to prioritize

It forces you to think of the user

(Bonus) It helps you identify if you’re getting something out of the meeting

  1. You’re not paying enough attention/asking the right questions
  2. Maybe you don’t need to attend that meeting.

I offer no solutions here on how to resolve these things, just something to point out.

tl;dr: Bad to use on others, great exercise for you.

Written by

UX Designer and Data Visualization Enthusiast. Creator of two online courses on design communication and UX research planning: https://tinyurl.com/y5m2j42v

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